Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Florida

What started out as a splendid vacation... soon turned into a bit of a disaster.

Ever the boy, our first night in Florida, Rob is playing with this dinner. How many times have I told that child to not play with his food !?

The second day we met up with family for a great meal. I know I was just getting sick when we had lunch with everyone. I must have been more out of it than I realized as I didn't take one picture of any family members. I am so sorry. HOWEVER, just today in the mail, my hero, Rasma, sent us a card with pictures! I will scan those in next week and upload. Thank you Ras!

At the lunch were (in no order): Bob, Paula, Ron, Ras, Ronnie, Kara, Steve, Britton, Kari, Avia, Tristan. So good to see everyone !

We stayed one day at Bob and Paula's... just long enough for me to get them sick and on to Orlando where I spent much of the time sleeping/resting.

We went to the Animal Kingdom Park and stayed long enough for Rob and I to go on 1 ride... At Epcot... it rained all day. Not sure that was good for my cold. Then Mike and Rob both got sick. We got to see a lot of our hotel room, that's for sure.

This fun loving dragon is made of Lego's ! Can you imagine the effort that took???

Here we are shopping at some Disney stores with a lego dragon behind us and next is Mike and Rob in front of the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom.