Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je ! (I'd Rather Have Jesus)

Christian and Rob had a great time. Here they are with their counselor, Dennis at their teepee. As soon as Jeri (Christian's Mom) and I dropped them off, they started playing a game with other kids and forgot all about us.

When we picked them up, they gave us a tour. Here is the evening PowWow Prayer site where everyone in the TeePee Camp gathered each night. Rob said the sky and stars were amazing. Lots of wildlife as well. A doe walked right by Rob.
Fort Courage was lots of fun. There is where the kids had a 'Fort Fight' with water balloons against the counselors.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Canoe safety course 101. At a little private lake just east of Golden, the boys were able to practice tipping a canoe and righting it in the middle of a lake. They did wonderful ! Becky and I were the only 2 Mom's who participated.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time to load up for Scout Camp! A week long learning event. Here are bunk mates Rob and Hunter stuffing the truck full with Becky (Hunter's Mom). Parents were everywhere helping to carry stuff. And finally a group meeting before the long roadtrip began.

Here is camp. Christian holding their Troop flag. Jeremy and Rob in their Troop 'mess tent' and then Rob with his tent he shared with Hunter.
The last night was 'Parent Night.' They had an awards presentation event. Over 400 boys from all over the U.S. attended this weeks camp.
Is it time to go home? YUP !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th camping with Mike and Gainey. We had a really fun rubber ducky race down the creek. Gainey won. She also had to catch the 2 loser ducks as they went by. We did some target practice. What is interesting is you will see in the first picture natural black coal that has come to the surface. This is a 'coal seam.'

A little help from Dad, followed by a break.

Here Mike and Mike enjoy the fresh air. Harley is outside with them and if you look super close at the RV screen door, you will see Princess Tulle enjoying the inside comforts.

Oh yes, we had some really noisey neighbors.... they were soooo baaaaaad. :-)